This is one of our favorite articles on how to republish blog posts. The real benefit of republishing is to help bring more traffic from some of your best work, articles that performed well when you first wrote them, or even that didn’t, maybe because of a small flaw or poor timing.


  • Brings your best work back to the front. After you’ve been writing your blog for some time, you will have some great content that is old enough that searchers may overlook it. Republishing gives you a chance to bring things back to the forefront, and update them to be relevant to today’s audiences.
  • Maintains or improves search ranking/results. Older posts that still rank for key terms are still driving traffic to your site. By republishing, you have the chance to keep that post fresh and to renew and maintain your ranking.
  • Continues to engage your audience during busy times. Republishing successful content takes fewer man hours than researching, writing and editing a whole new piece.

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