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Is your website invisible? Be Found Online


A decade ago, there were around 200 million websites. Since then, the number of websites has quadrupled to over one billion. Yet, nearly 95% of the websites that exist today are actually invisible. The one billion websites we can see are the ones that have been cataloged by the search engines. If a website hasn’t been cataloged, it’s almost impossible for someone to find it. Is your website invisible? Our Utah based SEO agency can help!

The Visibility of Your Website

With how quickly the internet is growing, it’s becoming more difficult for individual websites to be found via search engines. Recent studies have shown that as many as 75% of searchers don’t bother to look at the second page of results.  If your site isn’t on the first page of search results, it’s invisible.

We use keyword research and search engine optimization techniques to help boost search engine rankings to make sure your customers can find you. Many people have the basics down like load speed, metadata, and a sitemap, but for a website to really stand out, it needs regular updates, quality content, and the right keywords.  The best search engine optimization companies use these techniques and more to secure your site a higher ranking.

Your competitors are doing their best to be found online, are you?

How Do Websites Appear in Search Results?

Google and other search engines use a web crawler to look through all of the websites on the internet to determine what your site is about, and how relevant it is to searchers questions. Search engines use that information to decide how high your site will appear in the search engine results page. New websites are rated less relevant, because fewer sites reference them.  Most of the time, the ranking for your website will be quite low to start. This is where a good marketing campaign can help.

When your website is found, the search engines use an algorithm to determine how high to rank it. The search engines try to rank websites they consider relevant and authoritative higher than ones they don’t believe will be useful for searchers. This algorithm considers a lot of details about the website from how quickly it loads to how much content it has and how many other websites link to it. The higher your website scores in the algorithm, the higher it can rank.

What Can Help Your Website Appear?

Websites need to be designed to appear interesting to the search engines so they’ll initially appear in the search results and to help ensure they rank as high as possible. For a good start, the website should be well designed and local SEO services should be used to create content for the website. Links can be created to that content from other websites, which helps the search engines discover the website and decide that it should appear in the search results. The more the content is shared, the more likely it is the website will initially rank higher, though it still may not be on the first page of results. It takes time to get there organically.

How Boosting Your Ranking Will Help

Once the website appears in the search results, search engines’ web crawlers check it periodically to determine if it’s still relevant and authoritative. Any adjustments made to the website can impact this and cause the ranking for the website to go up or down. When more high-quality content is added to the website, it helps to make sure the ranking for the website increases. When more websites link to your business’s website, the ranking for the website will increase.

Over time, our Salt Lake City SEO company will continue to work on search engine optimization for your website, by including more keywords and further updating your site.  Once we get your site to the first page of search results, we continue to work to increase the ranking further to make it one of the top 3 results. The higher the ranking, the more visible your site will be.

Breakthrough Innovations

At WSI, we developed radically effective techniques which we call Adaptive Search Engine Optimization, or ASEO.  ASEO combines traditional methods with our proprietary system to increase your web ranking, and help that ranking survive through search engine algorithm updates. This helps maximize the competitive edge when someone is using a search engine to find the products or services a business offers. It’s one way to protect your marketing investment even as the internet rapidly changes.

Is your website invisible to your customers? At WSI, we can help. We are a local SEO company that uses our expertise as well as innovative techniques and tools to help make sure your website can be found online. Talk to us today about search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and other internet marketing methods to learn more about what we can do to help your business grow.

This is a game-changer that can protect your marketing investment in uncertain and rapidly changing times.

Is your business tough to find on the web? We can help.