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Starting in the mid-1990s, businesses could create websites to bring in new leads and to showcase everything they had to offer. In the more than 2 decades since then, website development has significantly improved. Websites are no longer just basic pages with flashy graphics to try to get a customer’s attention. They’re expertly developed by web design companies in Utah, are designed with lead generation in mind, and created to do more than they ever could before. At WSI, we have more than 2 decades of experience creating websites and have created thousands of websites for businesses like yours. Whether your website is just the basics or you need to upgrade everything to compete in your niche, we can help.

The Difference Between Expert Assistance and DIY

DIY websites are incredibly popular today. With templates, free and paid website creation tools, and the ability for anyone to get online and create a website in minutes, there are plenty of basic websites for businesses today. However, this isn’t enough for a business that wants to generate more leads. Businesses today need a website that’s professionally designed for them to make it easier for them to stand out. They need to work with a Utah web design company like ours that has the skills and experience to design an amazing website.

It’s you against your competitors. If they’ve created a DIY website, they’re making it easier for you to get the leads. Even if their website looks great at the outset, they’re still using a template and stock images. When you have a website professionally designed, you have a lot more than just the look of the website. You have a website that’s fully-featured, optimized for your customers, and ready to bring in as many leads as possible for your business. You also have a website that loads fast, that is able to perform quickly and fully on mobile devices, and that meets the guidelines used by the major search engines.

The Website Design Process

We follow a design process for every website we design, whether we’re designing a new one or revamping an older one. It doesn’t matter what your website already looks like, whether it has an outdated website design, what you want it to look like, or how big the website will be, we go through the same steps to create the website you need. Your website will represent your business and will need to be customized for your niche, so we consider the specifics for your business to create a stunning custom-designed website for your business.

Our process includes 4 distinct phases. During the discovery phase, we work to understand what you need. With planning and research, we look into how to build the website to boost your customers’ experience. Then, the website design stage is where we build the website for you and have you approve the work we’ve done. The final stage is further development and refinement, where we work closely with you to make sure the website is exactly what you need.

Discovery and Creative Brief

When we start working on a website, we need to really understand the business we’re working with. It’s important for us to understand what you like, what you want, what your goals are, and what you expect from your website. This is all crucial for the design of your website and to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. We will talk with you extensively about what you want for your website and make sure we have a clear understanding of what to do during the next steps to create the website you want.

Planning and Research

After we have a good idea of what you want, we next research how to build the site to meet your needs. As part of the Utah web development process, we work to figure out how to build the site to support a fantastic user experience. This includes the colors, styles, graphics, navigation and more for your website. It’s the basics that make your website yours and that help you stand out against the competition. We work to create the basic structure for your website, including how the website itself works, to enable search engine optimization and to ensure your customers are satisfied every time they visit your website.

New Website Design

The third stage, new website design, is where we actually build most of your website. You’ll approve the layout and plan, then we’ll work on the graphic design for your website. We can move over content from your existing website and create custom content such as buttons, images, and other graphics to fully build the website. We’ll send you samples and use your input to make sure the website is exactly what you imagined and designed to provide the best experience for your customers. This stage may take a while to complete as we want to make sure everything is perfect and exactly what you’re looking for before we move to the next step.

Further Development and Refinement

Your goals for your website include a fantastic user experience, a stunning website that gets more leads, and a website that can be used to generate those leads. This step is where we make all of that happen. We’ll work closely with you to approve the designs, finalizing everything for the website, checking to make sure it works properly and working on making sure you have all of the tools you need for the website. We check over every detail to make sure the website is absolutely perfect before it goes live.

Today, website design in Utah cannot be overlooked or skimped on. Over the last 20 years, website design has come a long way. WSI can help drive business growth through your website. Experience makes a huge difference.